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At Sunshine Childcare we believe in helping out in any way we can. Our childcare centres provide healthy heart approved meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Nappies and pullups are provided as well as a learning portfolio for individual tamariki.


We have started a new community initiative where new parents are welcome to come for morning tea with their infant. We will have a korero (chat) and can answer questions in an informal setting about child development with you. This is open to parents in the community who do not have children enrolled with us, as well as our current clients.


Policy - It is essential that we maintain and follow documented policies and procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. Please talk to the Managers or Administrators if you would like to see a policy.

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Fees - At Sunshine Childcare we believe in providing quality and affordable childcare for our whanau. Your fees include full nappy service and Healthy Heart approved meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

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Food and Nutrition - At Sunshine Childcare we are committed to ensuring that we provide a wholesome,  nutritional and balanced diet to support the development of each child. Our menu is Healthy Heart Approved and follows a four-week cycle.

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Childcare Subsidy/WINZ - At Sunshine Childcare our administrators are well versed in dealing with WINZ and working through this process alongside you. 

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FAQ’s – At Sunshine Childcare we understand the types of questions you may have before you enrol your child, so we created FAQ’s to try and answer these in advance!

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