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About Us

The Koru Room 

Our Koru Room is our specialist nursery, catering for tamariki 0-16 months. The kaiako mimic our smallest babies’ home routines in a flexible, gentle, caring and respectful environment, nurturing the tamariki to become confident in their abilities.

Koru inside2 landscape  koru inside landscape

The Kea Room

Our Kea Room is for our younger toddlers – who are active and on the move, exploring everything through their senses and with their whole bodies. Routine times are flexible and move with the needs of nga tamariki while allowing them time to explore in a safe environment with their kaiako not too far away. Kea tamariki are learning to play and interact with and alongside their peers and share an outdoor space with the older toddlers in a tuakana-teina relationship.

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The Pukeko Room

The Pukeko Room is for our older toddlers. At this age, tamariki thrive best in an inclusive and peaceful environment, where they are encouraged into sensory explorations, and scaffolded into independence; where there is space for outdoor play and where their changing temperaments are nurtured and respected through caring interactions.


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The Piwaiwaka Room

The Piwaiwaka Room is for our 3 year olds. During this developmental stage children learn through experience, therefore, we offer a range of activities and experiences to support every child to learn and develop, indoors and outdoors, especially in their deepening understanding of their sense of identity and place in the word. The Piwaiwaka tamariki work in tuakana-teina partnerships with the Rimu room in their shared outdoor space.


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The Rimu Room

Our Rimu Room, for our 4-5 year olds, is a great space with a large outdoor area, where children are free to explore, experiment and create understandings of the wider world. Children’s interests are fostered through play guided by experienced kaiako. The Rimu room focuses on teaching tamariki how to respect themselves, others and the environment.


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